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Our experienced team can assist you in finalizing your plastic part design
to optimize tool design and finished part cost and quality.  We will take
full design responsibility for your new mold.  Or, if you have an existing
mold, we will be happy to run that for you on our injection molding
presses or blow mold machines.  CY Plastics Works can mold virtually any
of today's engineered, thermoplastic resins such as Ryton, Kynar (PVDF)
and Tefzel (ETFE) and we can accommodate shot sizes from 1.2 oz to 44
oz. for injection molded parts and up to 3.5 lbs. for blow molded parts.

We can perform a variety of  secondary operations on your molded plastic
part, such as drilling, tapping, insertion, assembly and stamping.   

We are determined to ship every order on time, which is just one reason
why CY Plastics Works has achieved "preferred" status with our largest
customers.  We are pleased to consider your requests for stocking

CY Plastics Works also manufactures its own line of Fire, Rescue and
Safety products.  Our product line includes Fire Hydrant markers, Flare
Containers, Door Markers and Handi-wedges.  

CY Plastics Works has been serving customers from our location outside
Rochester, New York for more than 25 years.  We have customers in
Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and across the US.   Trust us with your next
plastics project and receive the attention, expertise and service that you

As a short-run specialist, CY Plastics Works has the expertise to run low
volume injection molding and blow molding projects profitably.  We focus
on fast, effective tool change-overs, the use of  MUD frames and insert
tooling and effective buying of material in lower quantities.  And because
we know how to handle your lower volume work effectively, we won't
abandon your requirements in favor of higher volume work or
over-charge you for the work that we do.
Injection and Blow Molding
Welcome To CY Plastics
CY Plastics Works,
is a full-service
Blow Molding  
shop, specializing in  
short and medium runs.  
In addition to our wide
variety of injection and
blow molding machines,
CY Plastics Works offers
Tool Design
and Build to ensure a
quality mold that will
produce your parts cost
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