Rapid prototypes of plastic molded parts

We understand you might need several prototype iterations to fully realize your ideas. We’re willing to invest in that process with you. We create prototypes fast, analyze them to make sure the part is doing what you need it to do, and evaluate them for manufacturability.

We’ll use the prototypes to optimize both your tooling and your molded part design, and move your ideas effectively to final design and production.


Molded, and machined and printed prototypes

  • Molded parts using low-cost prototype tooling
  • Molded parts using aluminum molds
  • Machined parts
  • 3D printing / stereolithography (SLA)

We can create prototype molds from aluminum or pre-hardened steel. This prototype tooling can be used to injection-mold a limited number of parts. Prototype tooling also aids analysis of part manufacturability and mold design performance.

Machined and 3D printed prototypes may be good options if your schedule or budget doesn’t allow for prototype tooling. Our machined prototypes for high-tolerance precision plastic parts allow you to evaluate tolerances, material and fit of the final molded part.

3D printed prototypes are fast and may meet your needs for a quick physical prototype. We can also combine 3D printing of the rough shape with precision machining to finish the critical dimensions.

As always, we will work with you to understand your needs for both the prototype and the final production parts, and recommend the prototyping technique that delivers the results you need.

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