Exceptional value in mold creation

We have been designing, building, repairing and modifying molds for injection molding and blow molding since 1978. We take care of the tooling details that don’t show on your part print but that affect your part’s performance as much as any other specification.


Mold design

We understand how the choices we make in mold design will affect the characteristics, quality and manufacturability of your part.

We apply that knowledge to every detail of the mold design: the material we choose; whether to use inserts, master unit die (MUD) units, unscrewing or other mold types; proper use of venting and gating; and much more.

  • New mold designs: Our tool designs ensure trouble-free manufacturing and high molded part accuracy.
  • Part design assistance: Our engineering services team can help you fine-tune your part to reduce tooling cost and complexity.
  • Existing molds: Transfer your existing molds to us for fast evaluation and commissioning.

Mold building offshore

Go ahead – save a ton on your capital investment! We have decade-long partnerships with a select few mold makers offshore, where we oversee mold building at significant savings for you. Then we bring your mold back to our facility near Rochester, NY.

Our in-house tooling experts quickly commission your mold and begin producing parts in the USA. This unique combination gives you the best of both worlds.



Mold building in-house

We also build both prototype and production molds at our in-house tool shop. We do full-frame and unit molds, and can incorporate complex core pulls and core movements.


  • S7 Steel
  • P20 Steel
  • QC10 Aluminum
  • BeCu
Mold types

  • Insert molds
  • Multi-cavity molds
  • MUD units
  • Unscrewing molds


Mold maintenance, repair and modifications

We maintain your mold to maximize part quality and mold life. Our tool shop is fully equipped for fast, expert response when you need repairs or changes.

  • CNC mills
  • EDM die sinker
  • Surface grinders and lathes
  • Expert mold makers
  • Complete jig and fixture design and build

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