Secondary Operations

From finishing touches to a complete product

Once you have blow-molded or injection-molded parts, what next? Let us turn those parts into your complete finished product. We can add finishing touches, create assemblies or kits, even produce and fill end-user packaging. We offer inventory and delivery programs, too!


Machining: Remove molding vestiges; add holes and openings that can’t be created as part of the molding process.

Ultrasonic Insertion: Insert a metal component, such as a threaded screw insert, into a molded plastic part using ultrasonic vibrations to reflow the plastic around the metal.

Heat Staking and Insertion: Insert a metal component into a molded plastic part using heat to reflow the plastic around the metal.


Hot Stamping: Stamp precise, durable patterns with colored foils.

Pad Printing: Add clear, detailed text or markings.

Decorating: Add fine painted details, spot colors or identification markings.


Assembly: Combine multiple parts into complex products using a variety of techniques.

Riveting: Securely fasten multiple parts. Rivets can allow movement between parts, such as a product that swivels open or closed.

Sonic welding: Create complex assemblies of multiple molded parts, welded for very high bond strength.

Gluing: Bond plastics using adhesives, epoxies, and UV-cured solvents.

Filling: Add liquids or other contents to molded containers; cap or seal them for shipping.


Kitting: Assemble multiple parts into bags that can be shipped to your customers or streamline your production lines.

Labeling: Source and apply printed labels with safety warnings, instructions, model numbers and more.

Packaging: Source and procure professional-quality packaging and fill it with your product, ready for sale to your customer.

Bar coding: Add bar codes to your products or cartons to facilitate your inventory management.

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