Video: Quality lab tour

5.31.2016 | A quick one-minute tour of the newly-renovated quality lab at CY Plastics, where four full-time staff cover every shift at our injection molding and blow molding facility in Western New York.

Our main tools include a vision metrology system – using machine vision technology to interpret and analyze the shape of our plastics parts. It is ideal for automatic inspection, and great for qualitative analysis. We have a full range of gauges and fixtures, precision measuring systems including our newest 1/10,000th gram scale, and a CMM system with PC-DMIS software that gives us advanced measurement, analytical and reporting capabilities. The quality lab supports manufacturing, from capability studies through full PPAPs. It’s a key part of the quality process at CY Plastics.

Learn more about CY Plastics’ quality management.

Video: Prototypes at CY Plastics

3.22.2016 | CY Plastics presents a quick overview of prototype options for injection molded parts: prototype tooling, machining, 3D printing or a combination approach.

Most engineers want a working part for testing while the mold is being tooled. You have several options for this. Read More

CY Plastics expands capacity for regrinding high-quality engineered plastics

CaptureNew granulator means less waste, lower materials cost for high-performance molded plastic components

2.22.2016 | CY Plastics has added a new RG-3 granulator from Rapid Granulator Inc. at its factory for injection molding near Rochester, NY. The specialized ultra-low speed granulator improves the ability to recycle and re-use runners created while molding engineered plastic components from materials such as Delrin, Noryl and filled Nylon, while maintaining high quality and strength of the finished parts.

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Winning Work in Upstate N.Y.

PlasticsMachineryFeb20162.15.2016 | Plastics Machinery Magazine profiled CY Plastics for its February 2016 “On the Factory Floor” feature article. Editor Angie DeRosa visited the molding factory near Rochester, NY  for a tour and interview.

Company president Andy Molodetz and director of manufacturing Michael Czora discussed the company’s plans, and how targeted equipment purchases are helping CY Plastics meet its goals.

Read the article in Plastics Machinery Magazine

Wireless system speeds inventory management at CY Plastics

wireless inventory management at CY Plastics1.22.2016 | CY Plastics has upgraded the inventory management system at its plastics molding facility near Rochester, NY. The new system features a CipherLab rugged handheld computer with scanner, integrated into the company’s backend ERP system. The wireless network was extended throughout the CY Plastics factory and warehouse as part of the upgrade.

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CY Plastics in Design News

Engineering manager shares a few basics of getting started with a project for an engineered plastic component

CavagnaroJ-3x4in1.15.2016 | CY Plastics engineering manager John Cavagnaro shared some of the basics of getting started with a project for an engineered plastic component in a Design News article this month. Included are the purpose of a 3D CAD model, what to expect during an initial engineering review of your concept, and some thing to consider with respect to resin choices, aesthetics, and secondary operations. John has more than 15 year’s experience in engineering and injection molding in Rochester, NY. Read his full article at >>

CY Plastics adds injection molding press and robotic equipment in Western NY manufacturing facility


New injection molding press and robotic system at CY Plastics.

Investments expand capabilities and flexibility for growing plastics molding shop near Rochester, NY

10.26.2015 | CY Plastics has added new equipment and staff at its plastics molding facility near Rochester, NY. Completing steps announced in June of this year…

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Michael Czora joins CY Plastics

Czora-CYPlastics10.16.2015 | Michael Czora has joined CY Plastics as director of manufacturing. He has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing technical products, including six years as co-owner and vice president of Spectracom Corp and four years as co-owner and chief operating officer of Hydroacoustics, Inc. He was most recently director of operations at Blue Ocean Medical Products.

Mike began his career at Harris RF communications, where he led new product design for manufacturing (DFM) and pre-production builds, created new production areas and manufacturing processes, and rose to the role of senior manufacturing engineer. He has additional experience as manufacturing manager and electronics division manager with Digital Radio Technology and Star Headlight and Lantern Company.

CY Plastics wins major new customer for injection molding of engineered components

An injection molding press at CY Plastics. The Ontario County, NY manufacturer will add another injection molding press as well as automated handling equipment to support the new agreement and additional growth

An injection molding press at CY Plastics. The Ontario County, NY manufacturer will add another injection molding press as well as automated handling equipment to support the new agreement and additional growth

US manufacturer of commercial and residential equipment will work with CY to reduce sourcing of molded parts from China

6.18.2015 | CY Plastics, Inc. has signed an agreement to produce injection-molded components for a major US manufacturer of commercial and residential equipment.  Moving the existing molds to its facility near Rochester, NY, CY Plastics will take over the production of more than 15 engineered components currently molded in the USA and China.

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Video: CY Plastics secondary operations

Video: Secondary Operations at CY Plastics4.22.2015 | Molded plastic parts often need additional processing to make them complete. This video demonstrates a few of the secondary operations we perform at CY Plastics’  blow molding and injection molding facility near Rochester NY.

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