Engineering: Parts and molds designed for manufacturability

We’ll help you optimize both part and tooling to reduce manufacturing costs, increase quality and even improve part functionality. Contact our engineering services team early in your design process.


Part design assistance

  • Design optimization: Using our knowledge of materials and molding, we can recommend changes to decrease cycle time, prevent cosmetic issues, and reduce product cost.
  • Manufacturing feasibility: We’ll let you know if your design can be reliably manufactured to your specifications. We’ll point out areas that present risks and recommend solutions.
  • Material evaluation: We’ll help you select resins that give you the characteristics you need at the lowest cost.

Mold design expertise

  • New mold designs: We excel at tool designs that ensure trouble-free manufacturing and high molded part accuracy. We’re fluent in SolidWorks, MasterCAM and all major design software.
  • Molding cost reductions: We’ll suggest part design modifications to reduce tooling costs, while supporting all critical features of your part.
  • Mold evaluation and maintenance: Our understanding of tool design and function allows us to troubleshoot any quality issues during production, and make necessary tool or process changes.

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