CY Plastics expands capacity for regrinding high-quality engineered plastics

CaptureNew granulator means less waste, lower materials cost for high-performance molded plastic components

2.22.2016 | CY Plastics has added a new RG-3 granulator from Rapid Granulator Inc. at its factory for injection molding near Rochester, NY. The specialized ultra-low speed granulator improves the ability to recycle and re-use runners created while molding engineered plastic components from materials such as Delrin, Noryl and filled Nylon, while maintaining high quality and strength of the finished parts.

Runners are excess plastic pieces created in the channels that lead to the molded part cavities during injection molding. These pieces can be re-ground and mixed with new material to produce more parts, reducing waste. The proportion of regrind to new material that is allowed depends on many factors including the material and customer requirements for each project.

The new RG-3 ultra-slow granulator is ideal for grinding filled materials, or engineered resins “filled” with glass fibers that impart characteristics such as strength to molded parts. Working at low speeds, the RG-3 granulator cuts runners into relatively large, uniform pieces with no dust. This better preserves the length of the fibers to maintain the characteristics of the original material, allowing use of regrind in high-performance plastic parts with higher confidence.

“The ability to generate high-quality regrind is one more way we help our customers minimize their materials costs, while maintaining the high quality of their finished molded part,” said CY Plastics president Andy Molodetz. “It also allows us to reduce waste and keep more material out of the landfill.”

“At CY Plastics we are dedicated to understanding our customer’s requirements, and investing in equipment and techniques that will help them achieve their goals in the most cost-effective manner possible,” Molodetz said.