Wireless system speeds inventory management at CY Plastics

wireless inventory management at CY Plastics1.22.2016 | CY Plastics has upgraded the inventory management system at its plastics molding facility near Rochester, NY. The new system features a CipherLab rugged handheld computer with scanner, integrated into the company’s backend ERP system. The wireless network was extended throughout the CY Plastics factory and warehouse as part of the upgrade.

Integrated mobile data capture delivers improved speed and accuracy in inventory handling while reducing labor cost.  Workers use the handheld scanner to capture item and location information whenever inventory is moved, and the backend ERP system is instantly updated. This is a significant improvement over manual tracking systems, in which data is recorded on paper and then manually entered into the ERP system in batches.

“The wireless system streamlines inventory transfers between the warehouse and factory, and makes routine cycle counting faster and easier,” said Julie Molodetz, controller at CY Plastics. “We also just completed our first physical inventory with it and saved an enormous amount of time.”  The company intends to extend their use of the system to finished goods put-away.

managing inventory at CY Plastics factory, Rochester, NY

Eliminating the delay between data capture and data entry, the upgraded system ensures that inventory information is always up to date. Scanning eliminates keying errors and improves data accuracy. It also dramatically reduces the amount of manual labor needed to maintain inventory records.

“CY Plastics supports many of our customers with kanban, or finished goods inventory.  Having more timely and accurate inventory data lets us respond more quickly to customer requests. It means that when we think we have something in stock for them, we can be confident that it is really on the shelf.” said CY Plastics president Andy Molodetz. “Also, using less manual labor on inventory management helps us keep efficiency up and costs down. This is another way of ensuring that we remain cost competitive while delivering great service.”

The system was designed and installed in about six weeks with assistance from Riedman Workflow Design.

CY Plastics creates custom plastic components for industrial, medical and commercial products using blow molding and injection molding in Rochester, NY.